Monday, April 19, 2010

You're Kinda Cute

Sorry, me again!

I forgot about this card I made this morning.

It's from Mo's Digital Pencil too. Have a look at Mo's drawings, they are fantastic.

You can click the link
on the side bar or go to

My favourite animals are
Hedgehogs and I REALLY love this drawing from Mo.

I coloured it with Copic pens and mounted it on dimensionals to make it stand out from the base of the card, it does not show it in this photo very well, but looks really
nice in real life.

You can click on the photo for a closer look.

Anyway, I promise this is the last card for today,

See ya soon, Fiona :0)


  1. Anonymous26 May, 2010

    Fiona, I have been watching your blog and I am blown away at how beautiful your work is - I have been fortunate enough to see your cards "in the flesh" and love the quality and care with which you make them. Congratulations! Keep on creating! xx Neet

  2. Anonymous28 June, 2010

    Hi Fiona
    I agree with Neet! Keep it up! Pat xox